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Pitt Academy is fully accredited by the Kentucky Non-Public Schools Commission, Inc.  We are an independent Catholic K-12 Archdiocesan school with a non-denominational enrollment policy.  We see our students as individuals with a unique pattern of strengths, learning styles and challenges. We focus on a child’s abilities, not his or her disabilities. The environment at Pitt Academy gives students every opportunity to reach their own academic, social and creative potential in a learning environment that meets the needs and abilities of each student.

Our individualized program, adapted curriculum, outstanding instructors and vibrant community are committed to helping our students develop the skills and self-confidence necessary to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

"It's kinda fun to do the impossible"

~ Walt Disney

Our Mission

Our Mission

Pitt Academy provides a safe, nurturing school environment and an individualized curriculum that allows students to realize their full potential and to develop the skills necessary to become more independent and productive members of society.


Our Philosophy

Pitt Academy seeks to:

  • Provide individualized instruction to maximize each student’s potential.

  • Help each student develop confidence, self-esteem, self-advocacy and appropriate social behaviors.

  • Enable each student to reach their own independence by utilizing skills and knowledge learned in order to become a contributing member of society.

  • Provide students with a safe, nurturing and effective school environment in the least restrictive environment.

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Postgraduate Program

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